Sitting on the Peoria Education Foundation board of directors, one of my responsibilities was voting on the ‘Against All Odds’ scholarships. These scholarships are for students who overcame health issues, language barriers, taking on adult responsibilities, family tragedies, and financial hardships with courage and fortitude.  The stories of these young individuals and what they overcame to even apply to continue their education was heart wrenching.

I was the owner of a struggling golf course wondering how I was going to pull it out of the red.

I was looking at a particular scholarship application when I got the thought of “could it be possible to merge these 2 completely different realms and benefit both kids and golf?”

Knowing the kind of life benefits golf has to offer, how do I bring golf to them, all of them?

Then came the idea to teach golf to 5th – 9th graders in their school! We could promote the mental and physical health benefits, and potentially grow the game of golf in the process!

As this idea was congealing, I could see the image of kids learning golf and then bringing their families to play with them. I realized I could offer the kids to play free at my golf course with a paying adult/parent, and promote family unity, thus strengthening the family bond, and benefitting communities. As I envisioned the families coming together and spending quality time together I could hear in my head the teachings of the bible and feel the blessings of Christ. I knew now it had to be, I had to make this happen!

This also continues to fulfil my life goal: To do well in my business so I can do good in my community.

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