Founder | Board Chairman and In-school Coach
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I was a successful entrepreneur in real estate in southern California prior to moving to Sun city in 2004. Soon after moving I happened upon the opportunity to purchase Sun City Country Club with my family. It became my responsibility to grow the membership and in doing so I became aware of some disturbing information regarding golf participation. Since 2008 the number of golf rounds played across the nation has been steadily and alarmingly declining. An overall decline of 20% in the last 10 yrs and a 35% decline in 18-35yr olds. In 2016 we lost a golf course due to this lack every 1.8 days! Yes we lost 214 golf courses in 1 year. The leaders in the golf industry talk about the need to grow golf, but the programs in place have been ineffective. Something needed to change. Two things were necessary 1) Golf course owners needed to be supported by driving golf players to their golf courses, and 2) New players needed to be introduced to the game.
I created Golf Program in Schools to do just that, and in its creation the abundant and ongoing benefits to students became the new inspiration for the program.

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