Tee Up for Success with the Golf Program in Schools

Time-Honored Core Values
At the heart of our values lies P.A.T.H., guiding us on the green and beyond. Through persistence, we embrace the practice needed for success. Each swing cultivates achievement, building confidence and a sense of accomplishment. We value trustworthiness, upholding the game's honor by playing by the rules and relying on one another. Finally, golf fosters a healthy lifestyle by encouraging us to move and enjoy the fresh air, promoting both physical and mental well-being. These core values serve as our compass, leading us towards excellence and a fulfilling experience on and off the course.

Embrace a Lifetime of Golf and Valuable Life Skills
Golf Program in Schools (GPS) is a transformative initiative that introduces students to the sport of golf while fostering essential life skills that extend beyond the green. This unique 5-day program provides hands-on instruction, complimentary junior golf memberships, and a technology-free environment to encourage family bonding and enjoyment of the game.

Impacting Schools and Shaping Lives
In collaboration with schools nationwide, GPS has successfully integrated its comprehensive golf-based curriculum into elementary, middle, and high school PE classes. 

Nurturing Lifelong Skills Through Golf
Research has shown that participation in GPS programs has a profound impact on student's lives, fostering the development of valuable life skills that extend beyond the golf course. GPS's curriculum, combined with the expertise of educators, equips participants with a toolkit of skills that prepares them to navigate various challenges throughout their lives.

Expanding Horizons and Reaching New Milestones
Since its inception in 2015, GPS has introduced tens of thousands of students to the game of golf. Through ongoing sponsorship, GPS strives to engage with 20,000 students annually. GPS is actively expanding into new locations, and the program may soon be coming to a school near you!

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Golf
Join us in introducing the next generation to the game of golf and nurturing a lasting passion for it! By working together, we can create a positive influence on students' lives, helping them reach their fullest potential.

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