George Sealy

George Sealy

George R. Sealy currently serves as the proprietor of Pensarz LLC, a company specializing in the creation of both digital and physical media. Prior to his recent entrepreneurial pursuits, George amassed a 15-year tenure at AT&T, where he engaged in capital investment analysis, research, support for FCC dockets, strategic pricing, and marketing of AT&T operator services.

Subsequently, George embarked on a 25-year career in software engineering, contributing to projects and optimizing operations for over 30 different companies. His diverse range of applications included point-of-sale systems with inventory management, human resource assessment products, banking communications tailored for mortgage lenders, local market analysis tools for home builders, inter-application messaging and communications, as well as the development of numerous Internet sites.

Mr. Sealy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in fluid mechanics, and an MBA with a major in Marketing and a minor in Finance.

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