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If you are looking for a golf instructor, I would like to recommend Golf Program in Schools. I am a new high school girls’ golf coach. I had 11 girls come out for the golf season with 9 of them never golfing before. I didn’t know how I was going to teach them how to play golf. This is when I contacted GPS and they said, “Give me a week with them and I’ll show them how to play.” Sure enough, we spent 1 week and the girls were driving, chipping, and putting. Each day was a specific lesson over a different part of the game. They broke it down to putting, chipping, swinging the clubs, driving, golf etiquette, and managing the course. They made it fun for the girls by playing games and holding competitions. They also have a swing analysis available.

Julie Mohn, Cactus High School Girls Golf Coach

One of the newest students in the academy, Mina, was first exposed to golf at the recently closed Glen Lakes Golf Course. She and a family friend grabbed a couple of buckets of balls and went to the driving range while their parents watched from the patio. Mina was instantly hooked on golf. Through mutual acquaintances, Mina and her mother found their way to The GPS Golf Academy. “I am very pleased with the changes I have seen in my daughter in just a couple of months. She is more confident, more focused, and less emotional. One of her teachers even commented on how much her attitude has improved over the past month. She teaches me everything that she learns so I am learning too. She absolutely loves going to lessons. She looks forward to lessons and wants her coach to be proud. We have tried other activities. This is the only one that she has wanted to continue. I am so relieved that she found golf. I am grateful to GPS for all that they have done for my family.

KC, Parent of GPS Student

Thanks, GPS is a great opportunity to expose youth to the game of golf. Golf can help students find the right path in life and can lead to careers in golf and golf scholarships.

Helen Estep, AZ, mylocalnews.com

The Golf Program in Schools (GPS) Golf Academy has been an incredible experience for my boys. Coach Andrew is amazing with the children. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the game of golf and he is beyond patient with a large group of squirrely boys! He is super encouraging, focusing on the traits of hard work, integrity, and preparation. Being a person of character and having fun is more important than winning. We are forever grateful for this program and how it is shaping our little boys into young men.

Vanessa Friedman, Classical Conversations Home School Program-Glendale|Peoria|Surprise

At the end of the GPS in-school program, the students get a dollar for each ball that they chip into the bucket. A recent student saw an opportunity to cheat the system, and without hitting the ball ran up to the bucket, plucked out a ball, and ran to the coach asking for her dollar. The coach, being aware of the trick, complied knowing what the next lesson was. At the end of the exercise, the coach gave a talk about the honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility part of playing golf and how each player makes the choice to be honest and it is their, and only their, integrity that matters. At the end of the lesson, the young student approached the coach, returned the dollar, and said, “I didn’t earn this.” She told the truth and thanked him for teaching her about honesty and integrity!

Tom Loegering, GPS Golf Learning Center Founder

At last month’s family fun day, a GPS Golf Academy student ran up to his dad and said, “This is the best family outing we have ever been on”. Later the dad said to me,” It cost me $2500 to take my family to San Diego and Flagstaff and my son says this free family fun day is the best family event we have ever had!”

GPS Family Fun Day Participant

My name is Rachel, and I am currently a junior at Peoria High School. GPS has helped me in so many ways not only did it introduce me to the game of golf my freshman year, but it's also started to make connections for me that I probably wouldn't have made if I hadn't started to play golf. Because of GPS, I was able to golf with a chairman of the district school board at a golf tournament. Also because of the program I was able to golf in one of their very own charity tournaments. Golf has introduced me to many different and very nice people. And also because of GPS I am currently the number one golfer on my school team. GPS is an important program to have in schools because only a few young people get introduced to the sport and that's what GPS does for these kids. And I believe they should be introduced to golf because it's a respected game they will be able to play forever and maybe someday even help them make important connections. I know GPS has positively impacted my life and I want it to continue to impact other students' lives and help them as much as it has helped me. This is such a wonderful program and thank you to GPS for everything.

Rachel Martinez, Peoria High School Student

My two boys really enjoy golf. It is fun to watch them during their lesson. They are learning a lifelong activity they can play their whole lives. Because my boys have some physical limitations, taking lessons with GPS helps them to compete in sports. They are essentially playing against themselves and the course. I don’t have to worry about them getting knocked down or hurt by other players. The GPS Academy provides great opportunities for them, and I love the fact that part of their lessons incorporate teaching them respect towards themselves, others, and other things.

Teresa F., Glendale, Parent of GPS Students

The teachers loved it, the kids loved it, and it was the first time my students had a golf club in their hands.

CJ Smith, Principal, Peoria Elementary School


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