Incentive Program GPS Levels

Golf Program in Schools (GPS)

As students develop their golf skills, we encourage them to set goals and challenge themselves to reach those goals. Our incentive program provides those initial goals in which to strive for. When students complete the four levels listed below, they will eligible to play on the golf course independently.

Students will receive a GPS Honor Card, which they can present at the Sun City Country Club Pro-shop, demonstrating their ability and responsibility to play on the course.

Students will be eligible for a membership (allowing them to play many different courses, in Phoenix as well as Sun City Country Club, at a discounted rate)

Students will also be eligible for sponsorship to play in the annual GPS charity event.

An example of the skills required to pass the first level are outlined below:

Flagstick: New to the game, learning Grip, Posture and Swing.


  1. Demonstration and explanation of GPS
    Driver Challenges
    Theory Test

Provisional: Growing in confidence, beginning to make better contact

Dormie: Seasoned lesson junior, developing alignment and target shots

Your Honor: Juniors who think they’re ready to play on the course as a single

Golfers can request a level test at any time during the program, subject to availability with their coach.

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