GPS Golf Academy Policy

GPS Golf Program in Schools (GPS)

All students will be required to complete a signed registration form and liability waiver before commencing their lessons.

Students are required to adhere to club and course rules, whilst participating in activities, lessons, practice and play. Self-respect, respect of others and property are all part of the game of golf.

With notice of absence lessons may be taken on a different day, availability dependent. Notice must be received within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson. Students must be prepared to start a lesson at the scheduled time. In golf, if you miss your Tee time, often you won’t be able to play. Be on time!

After their first lesson students are required to wear correct golfing attire whilst attending lessons.

Pick up of students will be up 30 minutes after the lesson’s completion. For example, if a lesson finishes at 6pm parents, caregivers or guardians can pick students up, any time between 6 – 6:30pm. After 6:30pm a donation of $1 per minute will be made to the GPS non-profit organization (which of course is tax deductible).

If a you are going to be late, picking your golfer up call 480-7902-2754

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