ʻʻIf you are looking for a golf instructor, I would like to recommend Scott Rutter. I am a new high school girls golf coach. I had 11 girls come out for the golf season with 9 of them never golfing before. I didn’t know how I was going to teach them how to play golf. This is when I contacted Scott and he said, “Give me a week with them and I’ll show them how to play.” Sure enough, we spent 1 week with him and he had those girls driving, chipping, and putting. Each day was a specific lesson over a different part of the game. He broke it down to putting, chipping, swinging the clubs, driving, golf etiquette, and managing the course. He made it fun for the girls by playing games and holding competitions. He also has a swing analysis available.ˮ

​- Julie Mohn, Cactus High School Girls Golf Coach, October 2018

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