Program Summary

  • Introduce students to the benefits of learning the game of golf.
  • Educate students about available scholarships.
  • Educate students about golf related career paths.
  • Provide instruction about a fun sport that can be played for a lifetime.
  • Inform students of all skill and physical ability levels about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Give an opportunity for students of all socio-economic backgrounds to spend time at a golf course.
  • Give all students enrolled in the program skills to ‘find their way’.

We work to help students find the right “P.A.T.H.”.  GPS emphasizes building these character traits:

Persistence.    “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.  With proper persistence and guidance, many positive things can be accomplished.  The game of golf exemplifies how practice and persistence can be powerful tools.

Achievement.  Students learn to increase confidence in their abilities with our positive input and direction.  Golf allows all students to achieve some level of success, thus giving them a positive self-image.  This is important as students move out of high school into college or a career.

Trustworthiness.  Golfers keep their own score and report penalties on themselves.  By doing this, golfers develop trust in themselves and their fellow players.  Being a trustworthy person is paramount to success both on and off the course.  Learning to trust and be trusted is an essential life lesson stressed in GPS.

Health.  A lifestyle incorporating golf provides many valuable health benefits including a great way to enjoy regular exercise.