Core Values


Good Sports-personship:  golf develops a sense of fellowship by enhancing a stable disposition using self-control and a sense of fairness and persistence.  All aspects of good sports-personship will have a positive and lasting meaning for students well beyond high school.  Learning to win or lose gracefully benefits both boys and girls in every aspect of their lives.

Good Manners:  as any regular golfer knows, a round of golf usually begins and ends with a handshake between fellow golfers.  Although a seemingly small gesture, it’s very existence establishes a positive habit.  Additionally, golfers need to be quite while others are preparing to hit the ball.

Trustworthiness:  golfers keep their own score and report penalties on themselves.  This requires being able to develop trust both for yourself and your fellow players.  Learning to trust and be trusted is an important part of the GPS Program.

Respect:  an integral part of participating in the game of golf is respect.  Students learn not only to respect other players, the equipment, the course itself, and the game, but they also develop respect for their own efforts as they watch themselves improve.  Developing self-respect can improve overall mood, sense of self and desire to want to improve one’s life.

Good Judgement:  developing a student’s good judgement on the course and learning how that same good judgment can be translated in to school and home life is an important part of the GPS Program.  Simple things like deciding how and when to make a particular shot can be used as examples.  Students that exercise good judgment are less likely to make bad life decisions (dropping out of school, using drugs and alcohol, etc.) and more likely to make life improving decisions.

Persistence: “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  We all know that with proper persistence and guidance many positive things can be accomplished.  The game of golf is the perfect scenario that exemplifies how practice and persistence can be powerful tools.

Self-assurance:  students learn to increase confidence in their abilities utilizing our positive input and direction.  Golf lessons allow all students to achieve some level of success thus giving them a positive self-image.  This is important as students move out of high school into college or a career.

Etiquette & Composure:  golf is essentially a game of etiquette and composure.  Personal responsibility for actions and conduct are paramount to success both on and off the course.  We use golf lessons to effectively teach this essential life lesson.

Personal Responsibility:  every player is responsible for his/her own actions on the golf course.  Players are afforded trust and must prove that trust is deserved.  By giving and receiving trust our goal is to develop valuable leadership qualities that will be as valuable on as off the course.



The GPS Program also provides physical benefits:

Energy:  students in the GPS Program will learn the importance of making healthy choices.  The subject of proper nutrition that fuels a healthy body will be taught and emphasized throughout the program.

Positive Play:  as students change negative behaviors into positive ones, they will see the positive result of increased energy both on and off the course.

Safety:  students will learn the importance of things like proper hydration, stretching and sleep choices.  We will also address such topics as proper weather-related attire as well as sun exposure.

The GPS Program addresses so much more than just learning to play golf.  By exposing students to the numerous opportunities for success we intend to instill a positive vision.  We want all students to develop their skill level to equal their unique talents/abilities and really ‘find their way’ through life by making positive, healthy choices.

GPS encourages all students to develop their skill level to equal their talent ability thus improving their opportunities to live a balanced and productive life.