Golf is one of those sports which we can play at any age.  When you start golfing at a young age, you have the opportunity to develop skills and apply your talent to a game which tends to treat you like LIFE. When you play golf at an older age, you appreciate the new lessons you learn every time you finish 18 holes.

The GPS Academy offers 2 types of programs; after-school & 1 hour group or private lessons.Contact us today, or join us at the Academy and see for yourself.

AFTER-SCHOOL program   (Mon-Fri)

3 – 6pm

1 lesson per week  (program = 4weeks)

Putting, Chipping, Full Swings and Driver focus

Rules, Etiquette, Course Management +

Golf Industry, College Scholarships, Tournament Preparation

Home School Field Trips (Mon-Fri)

Appointment 10am-2:30pm

90 minutes in duration

Use of clubs, range balls and facilities included

BOGO Lunch on selected menu items

2-10 children in each group

1 Hour Group Classes    (Mon – Fri)

Scheduled on request 10am – 2:30pm

1 lesson per week  (program = 4weeks)

Putting, Chipping, Full Swings and Driver focus

Rules, Etiquette, Reading Greens, Shot development, Handicaps, Social play+

Lessons at the GPS Academy are designed to build upon the fundamentals (Grip, Posture & Swing GPS) and if this is your first time to enjoy golf, learning these fundamentals will set the platform for your GPS.  We play this game to have fun and that’s how we’ve designed our classes.  Our coaches love the game and their enthusiastic approach is infectious.

All lessons will take place at Sun City Country Club.  Our golf simulator and ‘Academy Clubroom,’ also allow us to conduct workshops and homework components of the program.  Golfers enjoy the use of all Country Club facilities during lessons, including driving range, putting green, chipping area and the course.  Respect of Club rules and regulations are required.


Maximum of 6:1 coach to student ratio (younger age classes 4:1)

Golfers will be able to learn, practice and apply the focus of each lesson.


The GPS Academy allows students to develop:

Acquisition of Golf’s ‘Fundamentals’ (Alignment, Grip, Posture, Swing)

Decision making skills

Motor skill maturity

Mental and physiological awareness

Goal setting, planning and executing

Golf and life balance education


Accountability & Responsibility